Canpad 2018 LOC Chairperson Address

The Chair and members of the LOC welcome CANPAD Families and Guests from all over CANADA and around the world to Calgary for the 17th CANPAD annual conference and CME.

We welcome you to this City of two rivers – the Elbow and the Bow, nestled between the Foothills and the prairies.  Calgary is backed and anchored to the west by the Majestic Rockies, from which flows the clear fresh waters of the Glaciers to quench your thirst as you deliberate, engage and network for the next four days.
Freshen your mind and body as the prairies welcome you the its open fresh air, rolling hills and grains land.
We host you in the Hyatt hotels, right in the hub of the city Centre on the famous Steven Avenue, to pamper and spoil you and your families while you settle to your conference worry-free.

Calgary is Canada’s third largest municipality (Canada Census 2016), as well as the fourth Largest Metropolitan area (CMA).

The LOC is one of a kind, made up of a team of physicians and family members.  They have put in a lot of time and effort to select the venue and activities for your maximum enjoyment, comfort and care.
The CME team assured us you will be working very hard – Nine Credit hours for the first time – so, we decided to cushion your landing after hard work.
There are a variety of activities to engage the children, from toddlers to young adults.  There is baby care for physician moms and spouses to free them to attend academic sessions and events.

Children’s activities have been carefully selected for maximum effect, to educate and excite the kids and relax the adults and be enjoyable to all.
We plan a visit to the famous Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller, Dynosaur country in the Alberta Badlands.  Come with the kids to educate yourselves.

This year again the Amazons gather in Calgary for education, culture and entertainment in an evening of fun after tedious CME sessions.  The “Ladies Night” promises to be a high point for the ladies.  The grapevine suggests that this year will be special.
While the amazons gather, fathers will baby-seat with movies and Popcorn for toddlers and ages up to 11.   Teenagers and young adults will have their movie night with Chaperons.  It will be a fun night for everyone.
This will be followed the next day by a dip in the clear waters of Sikome Beach.  There will be open grassland soccer tournament – a first for CANPAD.  Other attractions at Sikome will include village square “Ayo” for kinsmen, Beach volley ball, Monopoly, and a come one come all open air “vent out” Naija politik parley to reduce your BP.  You can do this over a taste of Naija.  I won’t divulge any detail of the culinary expertise that awaits you at Sikome.  Please bring your swimming trunks , towels, floaters  and life jackets for kids and adults alike.
Be prepared for swimming for all ages.

The GALA will be the grand finale. There will be a variety of entertainment from traditional African to Folk European and back to contemporary.  All in one to cover all tastes.


I would like to give a special  thank you to all the LOC members who worked hard, volunteering their time and resources to organise this conference.  We remain grateful to to for your sacrifices.  We also extend our gratitude to your families for invading into your family time for all those meetings.  Thank you very much.

May we use this opportunity to thank all our sponsors to the CME.

We also use this opportunity to thank all the members who paid for the activities to make it possible for CANPAD to have the non-CME activities.  We are indebted to you all.

We hope you will have a refreshing and memorable long weekend in Calgary.

Thanks for coming to the CANPAD 2018 CME and family conference.

We wish you all and your families a safe journey back home at the end of the conference.

Amara Anozie

LOC Chairman CANPAD,
CANPAD 2018,